Uganda: Support for UNPA further mounting

22. September 2007

Support of the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly mounts in Uganda.On 21 September the leader of the opposition in parliament, Prof. Morris Ogenga-Latigo, MP for the Forum of Democratic Change, signed the Campaign’s appeal for a UNPA (in the picture). Also in this month, the Clerk of Parliament, Aeneas Tandekwire, and Deputy Foreign Secretary, Stephen Makonzi, signed the appeal for a UNPA, the latter representing Ssekabaka Muteesa I Foundation, a civil society organization with around 4,300 members founded in 1979. Other organizations who have joined include Uganda Youth Federal Alliance and Uganda Young Conservatives. With Ogenga-Latigo joining the campaign, major leaders of the two largest parties in Uganda are backing the initiative. In 2006 already, the speaker of parliament, Edward Sekandi, MP for the National Resistance Movement, signed the appeal.

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