Commission of Latin American Parliament joins call for UN Parliamentary Assembly

14. June 2008

At its meeting on 12 June 2008 in Colombia's capital Bogotá, the Commission for Political Affairs of the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino) has unanimously adopted a declaration endorsing "the creation of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly." The document states that "gradual implementation of citizens’ participation and representative democracy at the global level" is essential to reduce the "democratic deficit" in the international arena. A UNPA is regarded as an "indispensable step into this direction". The Commission declares that it "invites all parliamentary organizations to participate actively in the process of its creation." The Argentine deputy Fernando Iglesias, who introduced the motion, said "Elected representatives throughout Latin America are aware of the advantages a UN Parliamentary Assembly will entail. The unanimous decision of the Commission for Political Affairs of Parlatino is an important first step to build political momentum for this cause in the region." The Latin American Parliament was created 1964 and is based on an international treaty concluded 1987 which by now 22 member states from the region have joined. The parliamentary assembly is composed of elected representatives of their national parliaments. Its purpose includes to strengthen human rights and parliamentary democracy. The meeting on 12 June was chaired by the Argentine Senator Sonia Escudero.