Event in Delhi: "India could play a significant role in a UN Parliamentary Assembly"

30. March 2009

A public meeting in New Delhi on the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) was held in the heart of the power centre of Indian democracy, at the Constitution Club in New Delhi, hardly a kilometer from the Indian Parliament building on 28 March.

After the participants were welcomed by UNPA-Campaign India Coordinator Ms Sonal Kellogg, Dr James Williams Arputharaj, President of the South Asian Federalists explained that the globe is facing a financial crisis mainly due to the fact that there isn’t an effective global governance system in place. "In order to remedy the situation, stimulus packages alone will not help, we need to redefine a new mechanism of global governance," said Arputharaj. The veto power in the Security Council is seen as undemocratic by many, he observed. “India, though unsuccessful in getting a permanent seat in the Security Council, could view the creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly with optimism, considering its rich tradition in parliamentary democracy. In addition, as the world's largest democracy, it could play a significant role in a UNPA.” He further elaborated on the UNPA concept and how the campaign is moving ahead.

Ms Kellogg reported on recent meetings with Indian parliamentarians. She explained that four MPs from diverse political parties and from different regions in India recently expressed their support, including Najma Heptullah who was the President of the Inter-Parliamentarian Union from 1999-2002.

Later at the discussion, participants asked questions on the viability of the campaign and the rationale behind establishing yet another body at the UN, among other things. Dr Arputharaj explained that a UNPA would not simply be a new body. "A UNPA would be the first body in human history to directly represent the world population at the world level," he said.

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