Four publications on UN Parliamentary Assembly reissued

6. April 2010

The Committee for a Democratic UN (KDUN), a think tank specialized on "parliamentary representation in global institutions", has reissued four publications on the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly. "These booklets and studies include important contributions to the debate on global democracy and the creation of an elected body at the UN. We are pleased that we can now provide updated editions," said the Committee's Chair, Andreas Bummel. "We hope that the republications will arouse new interest among scholars and activists alike," he added.

The Committee in particular highlighted a new edition of the brochure "The Case for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly" by Dieter Heinrich that originally was published in 1992. "The brochure presents the general rationale in a brilliant manner. It's a classic that hasn’t lost any of its topicality and strength. It's clearly a must-read for all those engaged with global democracy and the global order," Mr Bummel said.

The republications at a glance:

KDUN's series will be continued. A study currently in preparation by Dr. Claudia Kissling and expected to be published in the second half of 2010 deals with "The Legal and Political Relevance of International Parliamentary Assemblies and Associations".

KDUN Series