Input requested for a manifesto on democracy and sustainable development

Input requested for a manifesto on democracy and sustainable development

20. August 2012

With the manifesto, FDSD wants to create a ripple effect around the world. Will you be part of the process?

The Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development has launched a consultative process to develop the world’s first manifesto for democracy and sustainable development. The aim of the process that runs until the end of November 2012 is to provide a platform for action around the world to ensure that democracy is properly equipped to deliver sustainable development outcomes.

According to FDSD, "Democracy needs to be cherished if it is to thrive and adapt to pressures that climate change, resource scarcity and major demographic shifts will create. The manifesto will set an agenda for tackling problem areas such as the way that democracy is so often hitched to business-as-usual economic growth, or lack of respect for future generations. At the same time, there's an increasing risk that unsustainable development could erode democracy."

FDSD asks for suggestions on methods, institutions, policies or practices that can point the way to democratic decision-making that is tailored to sustainable development. "We want to hear from anyone – whether an individual or on behalf of an organisation - who cares about democracy and what it can do to deliver a healthy environment and fairness for all now and in the future. We're particularly keen to get ideas on practical actions that could equip democracy to deliver sustainable development. Should a UN Parliamentary Assembly be among them, for example?," said Halina Ward, FDSD's director.

To take part in the public consultation process, you can fill in and submit this on-line form that sets out three questions on principles, actions, and vision.

Please share this information within your networks if you possibly can. If you’d like any further information, or you would be interested in hosting a consultation workshop or consultation exhibition stand, please write to Halina Ward at

More information is available at FDSD's website.