OpEd in the Times of India argues for a global parliament

OpEd in the Times of India argues for a global parliament

23. August 2012

In an opinion piece published in the Times of India today, titled "Towards a global Parliament", Richard Falk and Andrew Strauss argue that what has worked in India since independence of the country in 1947 should work as well at the global scale: Parliamentary democracy.

They point at numerous examples of international parliamentary institutions that already exist, primarily the European Parliament, to underpin the proposal of a global parliament. "There is no principled reason why the establishment of citizen representative institutions should be the litmus test for legitimate governance at the local, provincial and national levels, but not at the global level," the US-American professors write.

Falk and Strauss have published numerous articles on a global parliamentary assembly before. Last year, the Committee for a Democratic U.N. released a volume of their collected works. An Indian edition was presented in May in Delhi.

Read the entire article in the Times of India here

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