Who is Who

The campaign’s international action and strategy is coordinated by a secretariat that is hosted by Democracy Without Borders in Berlin. The secretariat is led by the campaign's co-founder and global coordinator Andreas Bummel. In addition to temporary interns and volunteers, partnering organizations and parliamentarians devote staff or resources to support the secretariat's work. Contact details

Global coordinator

supporters_bummel Andreas Bummel

Co-Chairs of the Parliamentary Group for a UNPA

Fernando Iglesias
Member of the Chamber of Deputies of Argentina

Daniel Jositsch
Member of the Swiss National Council


Jo Leinen
Member of the European Parliament

Naveed Qamar
Member of the Parliament of Pakistan

Ivone Soares
Member of the Parliament of Mozambique

Secretariat associates

Nancy Dunlavy, Steering Committee
François Leray, Project Coordinator
Petter Ölmunger, Project Coordinator
Rasmus Tenbergen, Coordinator Special Projects
Fergus Watt, Steering Committee