Recently, there was a panel on the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly at the World Federalist Movement's World Congress in Winnipeg. In the previous post we published some pictures and the resolution adopted there on "Global democracy and United Nations Reform; Federalism at different […]

The World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy and most of the organizations affiliated with it (here's the website) are closely involved in the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly. WFM has been supporting a UN Parliamentary Assembly for more than twenty years. The movement's annual […]

Often it is taken for granted that the world is politically devided among today's nearly 200 nation-states. This new artwork of the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly (see right, click on the image for a larger size) brings home the message that actually Earth […]

Despite of the holiday season we're not idle. Finally we had the time to establish a long awaited official campaign blog. This is the first post! If you visit the news section you will see that we are covering the campaign's major activities and other […]