Sofia: Proposal for a global parliamentary assembly discussed at Model UN

11. August 2009

The proposal for the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) was discussed at several presentations during the Sofia International Model United Nations (SOFIMUN) in the Bulgarian capital from 18-25 July. The simulation of key UN bodies such as the Security Council, the Human Rights Council or the Peacebuilding Commission attracted over 150 young participants from 40 nations worldwide. The simulation was organized for the second time by SOFIMUN Foundation which officially endorses the goal to create a UN Parliamentary Assembly. "The idea was well received by the conference participants. As soon as they took over the roles of government representatives in the simulation, they started to bargain over national interests. The global common good then regularly gets the short straw. That's why the UN cannot remain an exclusive club of governments. There needs to be a voice which can act in the interest of humanity. That's where elected representatives enter the picture," said Dimiter Mandradjiev, Executive Director of SOFIMUN Foundation. "Our team is eager to start working on a campaign. We want to promote the project of a UN Parliamentary Assembly here in Bulgaria," Mr. Mandradjiev added.

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