Forum of Libyan civil society backs campaign for UN Parliament

22. Dezember 2009

The Forum of Civil Society Institutions of Libya backs the proposal for the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA). This was resolved at the forum's annual meeting which convened last Tuesday in Tripoli. The decision was preceded by an extensive debate chaired by Dr. Nuri Ben Othman, the National Coordinator of the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly and Secretary-General of Al-Amal Charitable Association for Orphans Care. In his speech Dr. Othman stressed the need for a reform and democratization of the United Nations and that a parliamentary body could be a tool to speed up the process. The participants concurred that a UN Parliamentary Assembly needs to be viewed as "a first step to establish a real world parliament." It was emphasized that the assembly should be open for participation of civil society organizations. The forum suggested in its resolution that non-governmental organizations should be vested with observer status in a UNPA.

Besides of supporting the proposal for a global parliament, the forum, among other things, also urged the abolishment of the veto right in the UN Security Council and called for a strengthening of the United Nations.

The meeting was attended by around 400 participants who represented some 250 libyan civil society organizations. Parts of the meeting were broadcasted by Albadeel TV.

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