Civil society creates pro-UNPA network in Dominican Republic

21. Juni 2010

Civil society organizations in the Dominican Republic have formed a network to promote the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly. This was reported by Fundación Federalista, the network’s initiator. According

Rommel Santos, President of Fundación Federalista
Image: Fundación Federalista

to Rommel Santos, President of the foundation, fifteen leading Dominican organizations so far cooperate, among them Fundacion Nacional para la Democracia, Fundacion Seguridad y Democracia, Fundacion del Consumidor Dominicano and Instituto Nacional de Desarrollo e Investigacion de los Servicios Sociales. The network plans to raise awareness of the need of transborder democracy and will ask the Parliament of the Dominican Republic to join the efforts for a global parliament.

"Over the past years, Fundación Federalista has run a series of talks, conferences and discussions on federalism and democracy in a globalized world. As more and more important decisions are being taken outside the framework of national democracy, we have to move forward and have to extend the reach of democratic participation and oversight. We request the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic to follow the example of the Latin-American Parliament and to support the creation of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly,“ said Mr Santos.

By area and population, the Dominican Republic is the second largest Caribbean nation after Cuba. The population is estimated at 10 million people.

Top image: Wikipedia / GFDL