A World Parliamentary Assembly and global political integration

A World Parliamentary Assembly and global political integration

27. September 2016

gtiimageIn June the World Government Research Network hosted a workshop in Brisbane, Australia, on the "practical politics of global integration" (here is our report). An edited version of the presentation of Andreas Bummel, director and co-founder of the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly, was recently published on the website of the Great Transition Initiative.

This is the introduction to the article (which does not necessarily reflect the official position of the campaign):

"The existing system of international law and intergovernmental institutions is not up to the global-scale decision-making necessary for the shared risks of the twenty-first century. A Great Transition toward a socially just and environmentally sustainable world order will require both revisiting discussions about a federal world government and asserting the necessity of its democratic nature. Only a world parliament can provide the democratic legitimacy and the planetary perspective required for developing world law. The creation of this new institution will depend on a reciprocal relationship between the cultivation of a sense of global citizenship, the spread of democratization at the national level, and bold statements by social movements that the time has come for democratic world government."

The full article can be read here

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