Citizens for Global Solutions consider United Nations reform at annual meeting in St. Louis
Geneva International Centre for Justice recommends the creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly
Need for "reinvention" of the UN highlighted at Global Forum of Young Diplomats
New think tank on the structure of the United Nations and global governance established
Workshop on a UN Parliamentary Assembly held in the Dominican Republic
Guidelines for a classroom exercise on a UN Parliamentary Assembly
Boutros-Ghali Observatory launched in Paris
Global Parliament of Mayors launched, attracts support
Prize competition for innovative models of global governance
Ibrahim Gambari highlights need for a UN Parliamentary Network at Stanley Foundation conference


François Leray, 18. avril 2020
Face aux crises internationales que nous traversons, l’UEF-France demande le renforcement de la démocratie mondialeDans ...

François Leray, 27. octobre 2019
“Démocratiser la mondialisation” : échanges et propositions à Paris le 21 septembre 2019 pour la ...

On the occasion of United Nations Day on October 24, 2017, the Geneva International Centre for Justice (GICJ) published a statement that included recommendations on improving the democratic character of the world organization. In particular, GICJ recommended the creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly:"To include the […]
The need for a "reinvention" of the United Nations was the focus of a keynote speech by Professor Hans Köchler, President of the International Progress Organization, held at the first Global Forum of Young Diplomats in Sochi, Russia, from October 16-20.According to a report by DOC […]
Earlier this year, a new think tank was established in Brussels that intends to provide research and policy recommendations concerning the Charter and structure of the United Nations. A focus of the Center for United Nations Constitutional Research (CUNCR) will be to identify and promote […]
Last March 26, a workshop on a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) was held at the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. 54 Lawyers from the master’s program took part in the event and discussed an array of topics in relation to […]
The co-conveners of the World Government Research Network, Luis Cabrera and James Thompson, have prepared a simulation exercise on the issue of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) that may be of use for classroom teaching.The suggested exercise engages students in evidence-based debate on whether […]
Secretariat, 19. avril 2017
Inaugurated at an event in Paris on March 31, the Boutros-Ghali Observatory is a new initiative promoted by the French, Canadian and Belgian governments which seeks to improve peacekeeping operations in Francophone countries. As many as 7 out of 16 United Nations peace operations are […]
The Global Parliament of Mayors has recently welcomed in its ranks its new high-profile member, Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles. The GPM was founded last September 2016, based on the ideas outlined by political theorist Benjamin Barber in his 2013 book, “If Mayors Ruled […]