Anciens députés

Mariya Gabriel

Former MEP (EPP); since August 2017 European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, Bulgarie


Sigmar Gabriel

Former MP; Foreign Minister of Germany (2017-2018) and Vice-Chancellor (2013-2017); Former Chairman, Social Democratic Party, Allemagne


Steen Gade

Former MP; Chairman, Nyt Europa, Danemark


Christiane Gagnon

former MP (1993-2011), Canada


Paul Galand

MP (-2014), Belgique


Chantal Galladé

Former MP (2003-2018), Suisse


Yann Galut



Dr. Zainab Amir Gama

former MP (1985-2010), Tanzanie


Natalia Gambaro

MP (-2013), Argentine


Nokukhanya Gamedze

MP; Member, Pan-African parliament, Eswatini


José Luis Iñiguez Gámez

Former Member of the Chamber of Deputies (2009-2012), former Member Congreso del Estado de Jalisco (2006-2009), Mexique


René Rodrigo Ganzález Torres

MP (-2013), Chili


Miryam Garces Davila

former MP, Equateur


José Ignacio García Hamilton

Former MP; Writer and historian, Argentine


Dolores García-Hierro Caraballo

former MP (-2008), Espagne


Sven Gatz

Member of Vlaams Parlement (-2014), Belgique


Prof. Dr. Nevin Gaye Erbatur

MP (-2011), Turquie


Dr. Heiner Geißler

former Minister of Youth, Family and Health; former MP; former Secretary-General of the Christian Democratic Union, Allemagne


Zoé Genot

MP (-2014), Belgique


Prof. Bronisław Geremek

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs (1997-2000); MEP from 2004; deceased in July 2008, Pologne


Daniel Germano

MP (-2013), Argentine


Fernanda Gil Lozano

MP (-2013), Argentine


Neena Gill

former MEP, Royaume-Uni


Yvonne Gilli

Former MP (2007-2015) , Suisse


Phil Gillies

Former P.C. Member of the Ontario Legislature and former Minister of the Government of Ontario, Canada


Eamon Gilmore

Former MP; Former Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Irlande


Louis Giscard d‘Estaing

MP (-2012); Vice-président de l‘Assemblée nationale, France


Pasquale Giuliano

Senator (-2013); Vice-President, Commission on Defense, Italie


Eva Glawischnig

MP, Autriche


Eloi Glorieux

Member of the Regional Flemish Parliament for the Green Party (-2014), Belgique


Günter Gloser

MP (-2013), Allemagne


Josef Goeppel

MP (-2013), Allemagne


Pamela Goldsmith-Jones

Former MP (-2019) for West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country. Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade, Canada


Christine Goll

Nationalrat (1991-2011), Suisse


Annicet Gomas

Former Member of Parliament, Congo-Brazzaville


Jean-Benoit Gona

MP; Member, Pan-African Parliament, République centrafricaine


Kinga Göncz

Former MEP, Hongrie


María América Gonzáles

Former MP, Argentine


Adriana González

Former Senator, Mexique


Vincent Gore

former MP (-2009), Afrique du Sud


Didier Gosuin

Minister of Employment; Former MP, Belgique


Pedro Quartin Graca

Former MP, Portugal


Angelika Graf

MP (-2013), Allemagne


Claude Gravelle

Former Member of Parliament, Nickel Belt, Canada


Tony Gregory

former MP (1982-2009), Irlande


Lance William Greyling

Director for Trade & Investment at the City of Cape Town; Former MP (-2015), Afrique du Sud


Catherine Greze

Former MEP (-2014), France


Monika Griefahn

Former MP (-2009); 1984-1990 Board Member, Greenpeace International, Allemagne


Denis Grimberghs

MP (-2014), Belgique


Gabriele Groneberg

Former MP (-2017), Allemagne


Lissy Gröner

former MEP (-2009); Vice-President, Socialist International Women, Allemagne


Andreas Gross

Former MP (1991-2015), Former Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (-2016)., Suisse


Monique Guay

former MP (1993-2011), Canada


José Rafael Guerra

former MP, Brésil


Enrique Guerrero Salom

Former MEP, Espagne


Umberto Guidoni

former MEP (-2009), Italie


Claude Guimond

former MP (2008-2011), Canada


Yves Guisan

Nationalrat (1995-2007), Suisse


Chantal Guittet

MP, France


Wolfgang Gunkel

Former MP (-2017), Allemagne


Zita Gurmai

Former MEP (-2014), Hongrie


Mikael Gustafsson

Former MEP (-2014), Suède


Olga Guzman

MP (-2013), Argentine


Johanny M. Guzman R.

former MP, République dominicaine


Dr. Remo Gysin

former MP; Member, International Council, Parliamentarians for Global Action, Suisse


Petronie Habanabashaka

Former Senator, Burundi


Gerald Häfner

Former MEP (-2014), Allemagne


Carina Hägg

Former MP (1995-2014), Suède


Fatima Hajaig

Former MP (-2014); former Chair, Portfolio Committee On Foreign Affairs (Subcommittee on International Affairs); former Member, Pan-African Parliament, Afrique du Sud


Dr. Sucharu Haldar

Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha, -2014), Indie


Diop Hamady Khalidou

MP (-2013); Member, Pan-African Parliament, Mauritanie


Arhe Hamednaca

Former MP, Suède


Dr. Andrea Hämmerle

Nationalrat (1991-2011), Suisse


Agne Hansson

former MP, Suède


Mac Harb

Senator (-2011); former Member of Parliament (1988-2003), Canada


Avril Harding

former MP (-2009); former Chief Whip, Independent Democrats, Afrique du Sud


Rebwar Hassan

Former MP, Green Party, Suède


Ahmed Hassen

MP; Member, Pan-African Parliament, Ethiopie


Satu Hassi

Former MEP (-2014), Finlande


Laurie Hawn

former Member of Parliament, Canada


Lotta Hedström

Former MP (2000, 2002-2006, 2012-2014); former spokesperson for the Swedish Green Party (1999-2002), Suède


Bea Heim

Former MP (2003-2019), Suisse


Rosemarie Hein

Former MP (2009-2017), Allemagne


Erna Hennicot-Schoepges

former MEP (-2009); former Minister of Education and Culture; 1989-1995 President, Chambre des Députés of Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Stig Henriksson

Former MP, Suède


Dr. Najma Heptullah

Governor of Manipur; former MP; 1999-2002 President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, since 2002 Honorary President, Indie


Winfried Hermann

former MP (1998-2011); since 2011 minister for transport and infrastructur in Baden-Württemberg and member of the German Bundesrat (\, Allemagne


Shadiye Heydari

MP, Suède


Jim Higgins

Former MEP (-2014), Irlande


Michael D. Higgins

President of Ireland since 2011; former MP (1981-1982, 1987-2011), Irlande


Wakako Hironaka

MP (-2012), Japon


Marian Hobbs

former MP (-2008); former Minister for the Environment, Biosecurity, Broadcasting, Disarmament, Nouvelle-Zélande


Norbert Hochreutener

Nationalrat (1995-1999 und 2003-2011); President, Swiss United Nations Association, Suisse


Antonio Hodgers

Former MP (2007-2013) , Suisse


Ulrike Höfken

former MP (1994-2011); seit 2011 Ministerin für Umwelt, Landwirtschaft, Ernährung, Weinbau und Forsten des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz, Allemagne


Urs Hofmann

Nationalrat (1999-2009), Suisse


Berit Högman

Former MP, Suède


Jens Holm

Former MP (2010-2022); former MEP (2006-2009), Suède


Ulf Holm

Former MP (2002-2014); Former Second Deputy Speaker of the Swedish Parliameny, Green Party, Suède


Prof. Dr. Uwe Holtz

Professor of Political Science, MP 1972-1994, Allemagne