Anciens députés

Thilo Hoppe

MP (-2013); Chairman of the Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development, Allemagne


Françoise Hostalier

MP (-2012), France


Cynthia Hotton

Former MP, Argentine


Dr. Vreni Hubmann

Nationalrat (1995-2007), Suisse


Stephen Hughes

Former MEP (-2014), Royaume-Uni


Dr. Marianne Huguenin

Nationalrat (2003-2007), Suisse


John Hume

Former leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party; 1998 Nobel Peace Prize, Irlande


Jean Huss

MP (-2013), Luxembourg


Alain Hutchinson

former MEP (-2009) , Belgique


Dr. Paul Hutchison

Member of Parliament (-2014), Nouvelle-Zélande


Bruce Hyer

Former MP, Canada


Prof. Melius Hyppolite

former Senator, Haïti


Zaid Ibrahim

MP (-2013), Malaysie


Prof. Dr. Brian Iddon

former MP (1997-2010), Royaume-Uni


Jean-Louis Idiart

MP (-2012), France


Thameur Idriss

Former MP, Tunisie


Ayobami Janet Ifabiyi

MP (-2011), Nigeria


Prof. Dr. Fernando Adolfo Iglesias

former MP (-2011); Universidad de Lomas de Zamora, Argentine


Dr. Seifert Ilja

MP (-2013), Allemagne


Gitobu Imanyara

MP (-2013); Human rights activist, Kenya


Tadashi Inuzuka

former MP, House of Councillors (2004-2010), Japon


Prof. Dr. Tadeusz Iwiński

Former MP; former MEP, Pologne


Augustine Iyamuremye

Senator (-2013); Member, Pan-African Parliament; 1999-2000 Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Cooperation, Rwanda


Fred Jachan-Omach

MP; Minister of State for Finance; 2003-2006 Member, Pan-African Parliament, Ouganda


Dr. Katerina Jacques

MP (-2013), République tchèque


Shah Jafar

Former MP, Pakistan


Christina Jantz

Former MP (-2017), Allemagne


José Vera Jardim

MP (-2011); President, Portugese delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Portugal


Bintanding Jarju

MP; Member, Pan-African Parliament, Gambie


Fabakary Tombong Jatta

MP; Member, Pan-African Parliament, Gambie


Ramón Jáuregui Atondo

Former MEP, Espagne


Marlene Jennings

former MP (1997-2011), Canada


Prof. Bernat Joan i Marí

former MEP (-2009), Espagne


Wiwi-Anne Johansson

Former MP, Suède


Francine John

Je suis une ancienne parlementaire, Suisse


Francine John-Calame

Former MP (2005-2015) , Suisse


Jacob Johnson

Former MP (2006-2014), Suède


Janis G. Johnson

Retired Senator, Canada


Pierre Jonckheer

Former MEP (-2014), Belgique


Lynne Jones

former MP (1992-2010), Royaume-Uni


Birgitta Jonsdottir

Former MP (-2017); Poetician for the Pirate Party in the Icelandic Parliament & chairman for IMMI, Islande


Gunnar Hrafn Jónsson

former MP, Islande


Dr. Romana Jordan Cizelj

Former MEP (-2014), Slovénie


Dan Jørgensen

Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries (2013-), Former MEP (2004-2013), Danemark


Isaak Frederick Julies

former MP (-2009), Afrique du Sud


Mikael Jungner

Former MP, Finlande


Aurelio Juri

MP (-2011), Slovénie


Prof. Dr. Egon Jüttner

Former MP (-2017), Allemagne


Erwin Jutzet

Nationalrat (1995-2007), Suisse


Alain Kabasele

MP (-2011), RD Congo


Patrice Kadia

Former MP, Congo-Brazzaville


Toshiki Kaifu

President of the World Federalist Movement-Japan and 76th and 77th Prime Minister of Japan; former MP, Liberal Democratic Party, Japon


Steven Kaliba

Former MP, Ouganda


Dr. Georgette Sobhi Kaliny

MP; Member, Pan-African Parliament, Egypte


Gisela Kallenbach

former MEP (-2009), Allemagne


Sandy Kalyan

former MP (-2009), Afrique du Sud


Alhaji Buya Kamara

Former MP, Sierra Leone


Kalifa Kambi

MP; Member, Pan-African Parliament, Gambie


Christina Kampmann

Former MP (-2015); 2015-2017 Minister for Family, Youth, Culture and Sports, State of Northrhine Westfalia; Member of the State Assembly, Allemagne


Mamma Kandeh

MP; Member, Pan-African Parliament, Gambie


Fred Chesebe Kapondi

MP (-2013), Kenya


Sajjad Karim

Former MEP (ALDE, -2019), Royaume-Uni


Sara Karlsson

former MP (2010-2018), Suède


Jim Karygiannis

former MP, Canada


Teddy Louise Kasella-Bantu

former MP (1995-2010), Tanzanie


Bimla Kashya Sood

Former MP, Indie


Ulrich Kasparick

Former MP (-2009); Former Parliamentary Secretary of State, Ministry of Transport, Allemagne


Juliana Katengwa

Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Member of the Pan-African Parliament, Rwanda


Dr. Vallabhbhai Kathiria

Former MP (-2009), Indie


Dr. Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann

Former MEP (2004-2019), Allemagne


Piia-Noora Kauppi

former MEP (1999-2009), Finlande


Dr. Sambasiva Rao Kavuru

Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha, -2014), Indie


Cáit Keane

former Senator in Irish Parliament, Irlande


Sue Kedgley

MP (-2011); Author, former TV journalist, Nouvelle-Zélande


Theo Kelchtermans

Burgemeester, Stad Peer; 2003-2007 MP; former Senator, Belgique


Eduardo Enrique F. Kenny

Former MP, Argentine


Duncan Kerr

former MP (1987-2010); former Minister of Justice, Australie


Giovanni Kessler

former MP; former Vice-President, Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Italie


Sangay Khandu

Former MP , Bhoutan


Jameleddine Khemakhem

former MP; former Member, Pan-African Parliament, Tunisie


Marwiki Khumalo

MP; Member, Pan-African Parliament, Eswatini


Rama Chandra Khuntia

MP (-2014); Member, Rajya Sabha; Secretary, All India Congress Committee, Indie


Hassan Chande Kigwalilo

former MP (-2010), Tanzanie


Dr. David Kilgour

Former MP and human rights activist, Canada


Dr. Kimmo Kiljunen

1995-2011 MP; 1986-1995 Director, Institute of Development Studies, Helsinki University; Co-Chair, Parliamentary Network on the World Bank, Finlande


Juma Hassan Killimbah

former MP (-2010), Tanzanie


Jeremiah Kioni

MP (-2013), Kenya


Lenny Kivuti

Former MP; international Geoinformation consultant, Kenya


Marianne Kleiner

Nationalrat (2003-2011); Vice-President, Freisinnig-Demokratische Partei Schweiz, Suisse


Jürgen Klimke

Former MP (-2017), Allemagne


Elisabet Knutsson

Former MP, Suède


Silvana Koch-Mehrin

Former MEP (-2014), Allemagne


Ute Koczy

MP (-2013), Allemagne


Pierre Kohler

Nationalrat (2003-2007), Suisse


Tõnis Kõiv

Former MP, Chairman of the Estonian Interparliamentary Union Group, Estonie


Walter Kolbow

Former MP (-2009); Former Vice-Chair, Group of the Social Democratic Party in the Bundestag, Allemagne


Gudrun Kopp

MP (-2013), Allemagne


Adrienne Kosso

Former MP, Congo-Brazzaville


Miloš Koterec

former MEP (-2009), Slovaquie


Fotis Kouvelis

Former MP; Former Member, Central Political Committee, Synaspismos, Grèce