Members of Parliament from Canada

Diane Bellemare

Senator, economist and politician from Quebec, Canada


Carolyn Bennett

MP, Canada


Daniel Blaikie

MP, Canada


Rachel Blaney

MP, Canada


Sean Casey

Member of Parliament, Canada


Jane Cordy

Senator, Canada


Jane Cordy

Senator, Canada


Julie Dabrusin

Member of Parliament for Toronto-Danforth, Canada


Don Davies

MP, elected 2008; Lawyer, trade union representative, Canada


Julie Dzerowicz

MP, Canada


Ali Ehsassi

MP, Canada


Nathaniel Erskine-Smith



Hedy Fry

MP, Canada


Marc Garneau

MP; first Canadian in outer space; President, Canadian Space Agency (2001-2006), Canada


Randall Garrison

MP, Canada


Carol Hughes

MP, Canada


Mobina Jaffer

Member of the Canadian Senate, representing British Columbia, Canada


Peter Julian

MP, Canada


Frances Lankin

Senator, Canada


Dominic LeBlanc

MP, Canada


Alistair MacGregor

MP, Canada


Brian Masse

MP, Canada


Irene Mathyssen

Member of Parliament, Canada


Lindsay Mathyssen*

MP, House of Commons, Canada


Elizabeth May

MP; former Leader, Green Party of Canada (2003-2019), Canada


The Honourable John McKay P.C., M.P.

Canadian Member of Parliament for the Riding of Scarborough-Guildwood., Canada


Alexandra Mendes

MP, Canada


Joyce Murray

MP, Canada


Thanh Hai Ngo

Senator, Canada


Robert Oliphant

MP, Canada


Rose-May Poirier

Senator, Canada


Pablo Rodriguez

MP, Canada


Francis Scarpaleggia

MP, Canada


Judy Sgro

MP; Canadian Member of Parliament for the Riding of York West, Canada


Dr. Kennedy Stewart

MP, Canada


Justin Trudeau

Member of Parliament, Canada


Patrick Weiler

MP, Canada


David Wells

Senator, Canada


* Listed here as supporter of the parliamentary statement for inclusive global governance (2022)