All individual signatories from Canada

Dawn Brunelle



Paule Brunelle

former Member of Parliament (2004-2011), Canada


Kevin Bryant

Knight of Columbus, Canada


Chris Burke

A student from the University of Waterloo., Canada


Prof. Mike Burke



Prof. Dr. David Burman

Dentist, professor, Raelian Movement, Green Party candidate, Canada


George Burrett



Tyson Burrowes

Economics student, Canada


Prof. Dr. Ian Burton

Emeritus Professor, Department of Geography, University of Toronto; former Director of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation, Meteorological Service of Canada, Canada


Dr. Michael Byers

Academic Director, Liu Institute for Global Issues, University of British Columbia, Canada


David Cadman

City Councillor, Vancouver, Canada


Prof. Maxwell Cameron

Professor at University of British Columbia; specialized in comparative politics and international political economy, Canada


Dr. Silver Donald Cameron

Author, journalist, newspaper columnist, former professor and dean, Canada


Donnie Campbell

Senior citizen, Canada


Jerry Capostinsky

Millworker in Clearwater, B.C., Canada


Edmund Carlson



Adriane Carr

Deputy Leader, Green Party of Canada, Canada


Daniel Carrera



Devon Carter



Sean Casey

Member of Parliament, Canada


Delores Catalan



Benoît Chamontin



Prof. Kai M. A. Chan

Assistant Professor; Tier 2 Canada Research Chair, Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services, Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability, University of British Columbia, Canada


Marie-P. Charette-Poulin

Former Senator, Canada


Chris Charlton

Former MP, Canada


Donna Chase

Resident of Clearwater, B.C., Canada


Rand Chatterjee

Former UN Specialized Agencies Board Member, Vienna, Austria, Canada


M. Chaudhary

Restaurant owner in Clearwater, B.C., Canada


Christine Chevalier



Pierre Chicoine



Nicholas Choinière

Étudiant., Canada


François Choquette

Former MP, Canada


Michel Choquette



Olivia Chow

former MP; candidate for Mayor of Toronto, Canada


Prof. Dr. James Christie

Chairperson, Council, World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy; Dean of Theology, University of Winnipeg, Canada


David Christopherson

Former Member of Parliament, Canada


David Chudnovsky

formerly Member, Legislative Assembly, British Columbia, Canada


Mary Clancy

former Liberal MP for Halifax (1988-97); Former Canadian Consul General, Canada


Prof. Dr. Arthur Clark

Director, The Irma Parhad Programs, University of Calgary, Canada


Philip Clarke



Prof. Stephen Clarkson

Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto, Canada


Edward Claxton

I am a retired lawyer. I have a B.A in Political Science., Canada


Alexandre Clément



Sylvie Clément



Claude Cloutier



Isabelle Cloutier Despatis



James Randal Colbert



Tyson Colborne

Resident of Clearwater, B.C., Canada


Robin Collins



Dr. Stephen Collis



Joe Comartin

Former MP, Canada


Erin Connor



Joan Cook

former Senator (1998-2009), representing province of Newfoundland, Canada


Shelley Cooper-Stephenson

Human Rights Activist, Researcher & Writer, Canada


Brad Cope



Prof. Maurice Copithorne

UBC Faculty of Law; former Special Representative of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights on the Islamic Republic of Iran, Canada


Jane Cordy

Senator, Canada


Jane Cordy

Senator, Canada


Jane Cordy

Senator, Canada


David Cosh

Retired educator, secondary school and university, Canada


Patrick Costigan



Prof. Dr. Benoit Côté



Raymond Côté

Former MP, Canada


Prof. Irwin Cotler

Former MP, Canada


Dr. Merva Cottle



Olivier Coullerez



Dr. Timothy Coulter



John Cowan



Woodrow Coward

Lt.Col (retired), 30 years service in Canadian Forces, Canada


Prof. Wayne Cox

Professor of International Relations and Middle East Politics, Canada


Phillip Cramer

Lawyer, safety consultant, journalist, Canada


Phyllis Creighton

board member, Science for Peace and Canadian Pugwash Group, Canada


Prof. Dr. François Crépeau

Director, McGill Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism and Professor in Public International Law, McGill University, Canada


Helen Crocker



Jean Crowder

Former MP, Canada


Nathan Cullen

Former MP, Canada


Sheridan Cummings

VP Operations of Design Fabrication. Member of the Baha'i Faith., Canada


Shidan Cummings

Chemical Engineering, Ottawa University; member of the Baha'i Faith, Canada


Ziba Cummings

Member of the Baha'i Faith., Canada


Norbert D\'Costa



Julie Dabrusin

Member of Parliament for Toronto-Danforth, Canada


Christine Daffe



Roméo Dallaire

former Senator; former Force Commander of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda, Canada


Christopher Dalton



Eric Damer

PhD; Research Associate, UBC, Canada


John Daniele

President, World Federalist Movement Canada, Toronto Chapter, Canada


Brenda Daniels

Plumber, Canada


Dr. Juergen Dankwort

University instructor, consultant, author, researcher, social activist, Canada


Thomas Darlington



Philip J. Darmos



Bronwyn Darnley



Guy Dauncey

Author; Executive Director of The Solutions Project, Canada


Vivian Davidson

World Federalist UBC Poli SciIR graduate Activistvolunteer, Canada


B. Edward Davies

Director, Institut for Ethics and Global Justice, Canada


Brian E. Davies

Faculty Emeritus, Phil & Hums, Douglas College, BC, Canada


Don Davies

MP, elected 2008; Lawyer, trade union representative, Canada


Libby Davies

Former MP, Canada


Evangeline Dawatis



Anne-Marie Day

Former MP, Canada


Wilfred Day

Lawyer, Canada