World congress of United Nations associations calls for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

21. oktober 2018

Resolution adopted at Plenary Assembly in Punta Cana anticipates a UN Reform Summit in 2020

View of the plenary in Punta Cana, by WFUNA/Twitter

The World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA), calls on UN member states, parliamentarians, civil society and its more than 100 member organizations across the world to "support steps towards the creation of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly" (UNPA).

A declaration adopted unanimously at WFUNA's 42nd Plenary Assembly in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, this Friday explains further that the new UN body should be attached to the UN General Assembly and allow for "formal participation of parliamentarians in the work of the UN."

The resolution that was jointly proposed by the UN associations of Germany, Denmark, South Africa and the United Kingdom states that the UN "must address the democratic deficit within global decision-making processes" if it is to be successful "in the pursuit of creating a better world for all and ensuring that no one is left behind."

"We hope that a UNPA will strengthen the democratic legitimacy of the UN," commented UNA-Germany's board member Hannah Birkenkötter in Punta Cana. Ben Donaldson, the Head of Campaigns at UNA-UK said that "we need a world organisation that truly represents the world. A UNPA would be a major step towards this goal."

The resolution adopted at the world congress says further that there should be "an open and inclusive intergovernmental preparatory process under the auspices of the UN General Assembly for a UN 2020 summit that considers comprehensive reform measures, including the creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly."

The document acknowledges the ongoing international Campaign for a UNPA that has received support of more than 1,500 member of parliament across party lines, among others. It also refers to endorsements of a UNPA by the European Parliament, the Latin-American Parliament and the Pan-African Parliament.

"The World Federation of United Nations Associations not only brings together the world's strongest supporters of the UN but also those who perhaps have the best understanding of how the world organization operates. Their call for a UN Parliamentary Assembly has great significance," said Andreas Bummel, the UNPA Campaign's Secretary-General. "The pressure on the UN and its member states to finally consider this proposal is growing," he stated.

Top image: WFUNA plenary by UNA-Denmark/Twitter

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