Swiss government expresses "sympathy" for UNPA proposal

6. juni 2008

In its official annual report for 2008 on the relations of Switzerland with the United Nations adopted on 21st May, the Swiss government informs about the participation of Swiss government observers in the first international meeting of the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly which gathered in November 2007 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. The report now publicly states that at the meeting Switzerland expressed its "sympathy" for the proposal to create a parliamentary body at the UN. "It is increasingly recognized by democrats that participation of civil society is essential throughout the entire UN system. In its yearly report to parliament the Swiss government devotes a whole chapter to this question and thereby expressly supports the creation of a parliamentary assembly. This is an encouragement which probably can also be ascribed to the experience that the Swiss government policy gains acceptance and legitimacy by including parliamentarians into opinion making at the UN," commented Remo Gysin, former member of parliament and Director of the Centre for the Millennium Development Goals (CMDG).