Hello world, the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly now has a blog

Hello world, the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly now has a blog

29. juli 2012

Despite of the holiday season we're not idle. Finally we had the time to establish a long awaited official campaign blog. This is the first post!

If you visit the news section you will see that we are covering the campaign's major activities and other relevant news in the field of global democracy on a regular basis ever since the campaign was started (in English, German, French and Spanish, due to the tireless work of our pro bono translators from around the world who we would like to thank on this occasion). It is fair to say that we are the only website in the world that covers all that has to do with the question of a global parliament and most of our reports include original content that you will not find anywhere else.

Nonetheless, although we are proud of our coverage, for quite some time we've been realizing that we really need an additional way to highlight noteworthy developments and events that are otherwise not covered in the international news section and thus do not get appropriate acknowledgment. We are delighted that as of now this campaign blog exists for this purpose.

Tentative blog categories

The blog will allow us to keep you even better up to date. The campaign's secretariat, and campaign participants from around the world, for example national coordinators, can make use of it to publish reports and comments on their work, to highlight developments, events, and meetings or to feature new supporters. For this kind of posts we will establish a category "From the Campaign.

As the name says, the category "Resources" will include all posts that feature and present resources that are valueable for the campaign. Background information, general analysis, hints to books and other publications will be found in the category "Knowledge."

We intend to publish opinions and comments from campaign supporters on topical issues close to our cause from time to time. For this we'll have the category "Opinion & Comments." Guest submissions will be most welcome. We'll set up some formal guidelines for unsolicited submissions once the blog has become more established.

Generally we hope that the blog will become a platform to share information on all kind of things close to our cause. Everything that does not fit into the four categories already mentioned will be collected under "Miscellanea."

Finally, it will be possible for the blog's readers to comment on and to discuss all posts. For convenience we're making use of Facebook's comment plugin for this.

We'll not double post any content from the news section on the blog so don't forget to check there, too, if you are looking for news!

Obviously, it's all still very fresh. Suggestions are welcome.