Videos and podcast of recent presentations now available

Videos and podcast of recent presentations now available

3. augusti 2012

The panel on UNPA at the WFM Congress in July 2012 can now be watched online at Vimeo

Recently, there was a panel on the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly at the World Federalist Movement's World Congress in Winnipeg. In the previous post we published some pictures and the resolution adopted there on "Global democracy and United Nations Reform; Federalism at different levels."

In the meantime, videos of the panel presentations and of the discussion are also available. They can be watched here at Vimeo. Covered are an introduction by Fergus Watt, Executive Director of WFM-Canada, the presentations by Andreas Bummel, Secretary-General of the UNPA-Campaign, and former Canadian parliamentarians Bill Blaikie and Warren Allmand as well as the Q&A session afterwards.

Here you can also find an audio podcast of a presentation of Andreas Bummel at the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco on July 2 on a "United Nations Parliamentary Assembly and Global Democracy." The presentation puts the question of a UN Parliamentary Assembly into a long-term perspective and covers subjects such as the development of world law and a new global social contract.

Finally, if you read French, here you can download an article recently published in the journal of the French National Assembly, Le Journal du Parlement, on "Renforcer la démocratie au moyen d 'une assemblée parlementaire mondiale."