Great Transition Initiative enters new phase, relaunches website

Great Transition Initiative enters new phase, relaunches website

26. april 2014

Basic scenarios

The GTI network is advancing a "Great Transition"

For over a decade, the Great Transition Initiative has advanced a visionary scenario of a future rooted in human solidarity, well-being for all, and ecological sustainability. It now enters a new phase with renewed energy and heightened sense of urgency. Its new website serves as a platform for exploring bold visions and change strategies.

According to GTI, "History has entered the Planetary Phase of Civilization, a profound shift in the condition of society and the dynamics driving change. In our time, multiple threads of interdependence are binding people, places, and the wider community of life into a single social-ecological system." Yet, as the initative highlights, "the worldviews and institutions of the past persist, a disjuncture where crises incubate and a zeitgeist of apprehension spreads."

Transformative scenarios, which the initiative terms "Great Transitions," envision the advent of a new paradigm redirecting the global trajectory.

GTI’s past and future publications engage with the questions of global citizenship and global democracy on both a theoretical and a practical level.

A paper published in 2010, for example, states that "One specific change to work towards is creating a bicameral system for the United Nations to consist of the existing General Assembly representing nations and a new World Parliament elected through universal suffrage and representing the citizens of the world."