Seminar on a World Parliament arranged in Swedish Riksdagen

2. november 2015

Parliamentarians host seminar in Swedish Riksdagen / 3rd Week of Action for a World Parliament concluded

A seminar on the subject of a World Parliament was held in the Parliament of Sweden, Riksdagen. Folke Tersman, professor of practical philosophy at the University of Uppsala and a board member of the Global Challenges Foundation, gave a lecture

Folke Tersman addresses the participants

on how global democracy and a United Nations parliament could help to better deal with global challenges such as climate change.

In his speech, Mr Tersman, among other things, argued that global challenges require global solutions. "We have global common challenges. Then we should also be able to take decisions on sound, common, solutions," he said. A key tool to achieve this would be the gradual development of a parliament within the United Nations, Mr Tersman pointed out. Such a World Parliament would also serve to protect human beings from destructive interests. "Why should all citizens of the world be able to take part in global decision making? Because we are all vulnerable and affected by these decisions, for example on how we should deal with global warming", Mr Tersman stated.

The seminar on October 20th was hosted by members of the Swedish Parliament, representing five different parties from both governing and opposition sides: Said Abdu, Johan Büser, Jens Holm, Annika Lillemets and Rickard Nordin. The hosts of the event are all supporters of the internatinoal appeal for the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.

Third Global Week of Action for a World Parliament

The event in Sweden was part of a third Global Week of Action for a World Parliament celebrated

Call for a World Parliament in Rome

from 15-25 October. The week of action serves to coordinate public activities in support of direct involvement of the world's people in world affairs through an elected body. About 40 smaller and larger events - lectures, meetings, social actions, demonstrations and flash mobs - were arranged in Ahero/Kenya, Buenos Aires, Minnesota, Rome, Tokyo, and many other places around the world.

Top image: Erik de le Reguera

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