Guidelines for a classroom exercise on a UN Parliamentary Assembly

Guidelines for a classroom exercise on a UN Parliamentary Assembly

26. april 2017

Possible logo of a UN Parliamentary Assembly

The co-conveners of the World Government Research Network, Luis Cabrera and James Thompson, have prepared a simulation exercise on the issue of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) that may be of use for classroom teaching.

The suggested exercise engages students in evidence-based debate on whether to support the development of an initially consultative UNPA. Suggested student instructions and readings are included in the document (download PDF here).

The simulation gives students the opportunity for active engagement with dialogues on more participatory international institutional development. It should deepen student understanding of existing international organizations and lead them to think more critically about accountability issues in global governance.

According to the authors of the guideline this lesson is well suited for tutorials/quiz sections in large undergraduate lecture courses, or for standard sessions in upper-division courses. It can be used in a wide range of courses in International Relations, political theory, political sociology, political economy, human geography, and other fields. Versions of it have been conducted in IR and political theory courses, with very positive student engagement and feedback.