All individual signatories

Markus Möller

Soziologe, aktiv bei Mehr Demokratie e.V., Landesvorstandsmitglied NRW, Germany


Uwe Möller

Secretary-General, The Club of Rome (1999-2007), Germany


Bertil Möllerström



Olga Molnar

Russian Federation


Prof. Bessma Momani



Jaco Momberg

South Africa


Hajaraa Momodu

Coordinator, Nigeria Network of NGOs-Sokoto Branch, Nigeria


Dylan Momplaisir

United States


Evan Monahan

United States


George Monbiot

Journalist and author (i.a. "The Age of Consent"); i.a. 1995 UNEP Global 500 Award, United Kingdom


Terence Mondon*

MP, National Assembly, Seychelles


Luciano Monge

Estudiante de Comercio Exterior, Argentina


Dr. Gertrude Mongella

Former Member of Pan-African Parliament (2004-2014); former President of the Pan-African Parliament (2004-2009); former MP; Secretary-General of the Fourth World Conference on Women, Tanzania


Mojammel Hossain Monju

Deputy Editor, Shamokal Newspaper, Bangladesh


Susana Monreal Ávila

Former MP, Mexico


Dr. Eugenia Montagnini



Carlos Montaner



Adrienne Montani



Prof. Raul Montenegro

President, FUNAM; Professor, National University Cordoba; Right Livelihood Award 2004, Argentina


Dan Moody

CEO of The Moody Group,LLC and Global Peace Partners, Inc., United States


Brian Moore



Carl Moore



Carl Moore



Garry Moore

Mayor, Christchurch; Vice-President, Mayors for Peace, New Zealand


Hugh Moore

United States


Joshua Moore

United States


Mike Moore

1999-2002 Director General, World Trade Organization; 1990 Prime Minister of New Zealand, New Zealand


Peter Moore

United Kingdom


Prudence Moore

College teacher, Canada


Wilfred P. Moore

Retired Senator, Canada


Christoph Moosbauer

former MP; former Chairman, Sub-Committee on the United Nations, German Bundestag, Germany





Gaël Moquin-Beaudry



Jacky Morael

Sénateur et chef du groupe Ecolo au sénat (-2014), Belgium


Daniel Efren Morales Ruvalcaba

Member, Planetafilia A.C., Mexico


Damián Morán



Juan Carlos Moran

Former MP, Argentina


Antonio Morante

Former MP, Argentina


Agnieszka Morawska

Juristin, Philosophin, Poland


Vickie Morden

Retired resident of Clearwater, B.C., Canada


W.K. Morden

Teacher in Clearwater, B.C., Canada


Julien Morel



Andy Morgan

United States


Gareth Morgan

Former MP (-2014), South Africa


Jovi Morgan

Vivo en Ginebra Suiza, Lic. en Comunicación, Mexico


Kristopher Morgan

United States


Patrick Morgan

United States


Jason Morgenstern



Prof. Jacques Moriau



Isabelle Morin

Former MP, Canada


Jean-François Morin



Louise Morin




Working on Web Marketing, Japan


Hervé Moritz



Hiroyuki Moriyama

MP (House of Representatives), Constitutional Democratic Party, Japan


Dr. Makori Moronge

CEO with an NGO in Kenya, Kenya


Makori Ochwangi Moronge

CEO, The Regional Center for Community Welfare And Extension, Kenya


Gilda Moronta

former MP, Dominican Republic


Tammy Morris



Tom Morris

United Kingdom


Donald Morrison

United States


Christine Morrissey

United States


Christine Morshedi

United States


Jan Mortier

Executive Director, Civitatis International, United Kingdom


Maciej Morycinski

I am a retired robotics and automation technologist. I live in Burnaby BC., Canada


Maciej Morycinski



Matthew Morycinski

Technologist working for a major corporation. Humanitarian., Canada


Dr. Juan Moscoso del Prado Hernández

MP (-2011), Spain


Winfried Moselage



Burkhard Moser

Mitglied bei Mehr Demokratie e.V., Germany


Gabriela Moser

former MP, Austria


Johann Moser

former MP, Austria


Tiana Angelina Moser

MP, Switzerland


Yeshua Moser-Puangsuwan



Joseph Moshood

Gladstar Gifted and Talented Education Centre, Nigeria


Daniel Mosmant

Conseiller municipal de Montreuil (Verts), France


Yosephos Emmanouel Mosquera y Castelo

Prince of Septimio-Bathzabbay el Tadmur; Grand Master of the Orden Bonaria, Spain


Stefen Moss

United States


Jörg-Frieder Moßmann



João Bosco Mota Amaral

Former MP, Portugal


Dr. Mathole Motshekga

MP; Chairperson, Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services, ANC, South Africa


Felipe Motta



Zilu Mou



Issa Mouanda

Président du Mouvement Humanitaire des Bâtisseurs Sans Frontières e du village communautaire planétaire de Mont Sage, Congo-Brazzaville


Iain Moug

United Kingdom


Sebastien Moukonkole

DR Congo


Paulette Mounguengui

MP; Member, Pan-African Parliament, Gabon


Marie-José Mounole



Maria Mourani

Former MP, Canada


Amre Moussa

Former Foreign Minister of Egypt and former Secretary-General of the Arab League, Egypt


Jean-Claude Moussavou

Former MP, Congo-Brazzaville


Niema Movassat

MdB, Germany


Thomas Movtchaniouk

Germanist, Blogger, Anhänger des Prinzips des Permanenten Plebiszits (= Direkte Demokratie immer und überall)..., Germany


Paul Mowat

UK Civil Servant, United Kingdom


Sujit Moza



Paurina Mpariwa

MP; Member, Pan-African Parlament; Movement for Democratic Change, Zimbabwe


Chancel Daldi Mpassi Bakala

Manager général de l\'ONG A.D.E.S CONGO, Congo-Brazzaville


Prof. Peter Msaki

Department of Physics, University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


Abdi Hassan Mshangama

former MP (-2010); former Ambassador in Brussels; former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tanzania


Moritz Mueller



* Listed here as supporter of the parliamentary statement for inclusive global governance (2022)