Denna studie undersöker förhållandet mellan den Interparlamentariska unionen (IPU) och den föreslagna parlamentariska församlingen inom FN (UNPA). Den anger huvuddragen ...


En parlamentarisk församling inom FN

Maja Brauer och Andreas Bummel, 2020

Skapandet av en parlamentarisk församling inom FN som ett första steg mot ett världsparlament är ett avgörande mål för Democracy ...


A World Parliament: Governance and Democracy in the 21st Century

Jo Leinen and Andreas Bummel, 2018

Global challenges such as war, climate change, poverty and inequality are overwhelming nation-states and today’s international institutions. Doing the right ...


The Federalist Principle in the Catholic Social Doctrine and the Question of a World Parliament

Maja Brauer and Andreas Bummel, 2016

This background paper looks into the world order model included in catholic social doctrine and identifies federalism and democracy as ...


Strengthening Security, Justice, and Democracy Globally: The Case for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

Luis Cabrera, 2015

This background paper for the Commission on Global Security, Justice, and Governance looks into the issue of a UN Parliamentary ...


Creating a World Parliamentary Assembly

Joseph E. Schwartzberg, 2012

This study explores how the democratic deficit of the United Nations can be progressively minimized by the development of a ...


The Legal and Political Status of International Parliamentary Institutions

Claudia Kissling, 2011

This paper contains a worldwide analysis of International Parliamentary Institutions (IPIs) in existence to date. Their number and competences are ...


A Global Parliament: Essays and Articles

Richard Falk and Andrew Strauss, 2011

Democracy is the guiding principle for fairly and peacefully making community decision at the local, provincial, and national levels of ...


The Case for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

Dieter Heinrich, 2010

This booklet, originally published in 1992, brings together some of the most cogent arguments for establishing a United Nations Parliamentary ...